This website serves both professional and personal purposes, under these headings/pages:


  • EDITING.  I work as a professional editor, of non-fiction writing. Here you will find details about my work and reference material for writers.
  • BOOKS.  I am an author; I also work as a ghost writer.  The books I have written are on topics related to Chinese food (mainly vegetables) and culture.  Here you will find descriptions and photos of these books (most of which can still be found on Amazon).
  • LIFE BY THE BOWL.  Food fascinates me, and here I have recorded recipes, as well as thoughts  and opinions on diet, nutrition, and good eating.
  • CALLIGRAPHY.  I have practiced Chinese and Western calligraphy for yeeeeears.  I welcome commissions.  Samples of my art (will eventually be!) found here.
  • MUSIC.  My current passion is harp, the small Celtic kind.
  • Me & My Blogs.  Here you will find my bio, and links to a blog I previously wrote on the Live Journal website.  From May 2012, I am blogging here instead–in the Categories (see right toolbar).

Enjoy!  Write to me!  Let us share thoughts!

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